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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation FAQs

What is a pelvic floor therapist?

A pelvic floor therapist is someone who is skilled in orthopedic conditions, with an in-depth and specific training in pelvic floor anatomy and dysfunction. 

What should I wear to my evaluation?

Please wear something comfortable and easy to move in. When the point of the examination for an internal examination comes, a linen sheet will be provided for your comfort that will be draped over your lower body.

How long will I do this?

To correct certain dysfunctions, it can take several weeks to heal long term. Most sessions will last about 45-60 minutes. You will likely come to physical therapy 1-2 days/week, with a lot of home-work required for carryover.

Will any of this hurt?

Some of the techniques may cause discomfort, as we are working toward easing tension to reduce overall symptoms. However, be sure to communicate with your physical therapist if you are experiencing an increase in pain so she can adjust accordingly.

Can I come while I am on my period?

Yes, menstruation will not hold us back from treating any structures of your pelvic floor, and sometimes can even be helpful to see how everything is working during that time. However, if you're feeling uncomfortable, please let your physical therapist know ahead of time if you would like to reschedule. 

Can I come if I am pregnant?

You can. However, we will not perform an internal examination without permission from an overseeing OB/GYN.

What conditions can you help with?

All orthopedic conditions, along with pelvic pain, urinary/bowel incontinence, constipation, sexual pain, prenatal and postpartum conditions, and many others! 

Our physical therapists are licensed for DIRECT ACCESS, meaning you do not need a referral or physician prescription to get treatment on our facility!

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