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Hormone & Thyroid Therapy

Allegheny Medical Hormone Therapy

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Rather than just treating your symptoms, our practitioners look for the root cause of your afflictions for a whole body treatment approach. That way, we ensure healing rather than simply managing.

Hormone levels influence our mental and emotional well-being. But this delicate balance of chemicals can be affected by stress, toxicity, and inadequate diets, as well as deficiencies in certain essential nutrients (particularly vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids). When hormone levels are imbalanced, our bodies do not work as they should. We become fatigued, gain weight, lose motivation and may even experience mood symptoms, all of which prevent us from living our happiest lives.

The thyroid gland manages and regulates everything from our metabolism to our growth, from our digestion to our body temperature, and more. When our thyroid malfunctions, however, these basic functions are impacted, and we feel the consequences. Hormone imbalance due to thyroid issues can increase the risk of heart disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes. However, research shows about one in ten Americans, mostly women, have some form of thyroid dysfunction and don't know it. 

Thyroid problem impacts on all areas of our life, but acts as a chameleon disguised as a multitude of other diseases.  Early detection and treatment are especially significant, and can save our lives.

At Allegheny Medical, we listen to our patients and strive to fully heal rather than provide temporary solutions. Under our exclusive Priority Access Program, our Doctors and providers offer and recommend hormone therapies for those struggling with imbalanced hormones. Call us at 412-494-4550 to schedule an appointment or for more information, or request an appointment online today!

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