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We offer medically supervised weight loss programs ranging from our introduction package (2 week trial) to our full package (20 weeks). We also offer meal guidance to complement your weight loss journey.

Being overweight can seriously affect your health and longevity. Recent studies have shown that a diet and exercise program leading to weight loss can prevent the onset of hypertension and diabetes, as well as reduce one’s risk of developing heart problems, cancer, and more. Further, weight loss has been followed by greater functional status, reduced work absenteeism, less pain, and greater social interaction.

If you're trying to lose weight, you might not want to go it alone. One way to start is with a conversation with our weight loss advisor. At Allegheny Medical, we offer a $99 two-week weight loss trial program! This program includes meal guidance, vitamin B12 fat burning injections, appetite suppressants, meal planning, customized exercise program development, physical evaluation, metabolic testing, and weekly weigh-ins. Call us at 412-494-4550 to schedule your complimentary consultation, or book an appointment online!

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