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Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

Allegheny Medical Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine FAQs


Our therapists treat a wide range of sports medicine and injury cases. 

Our Sports division consists of a team of specially trained physicians, fitness specialists, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, and rehabilitation specialists that provide performance training, and injury treatment management to competitive athletes, weekend athletes, individuals with physically demanding jobs, and those who want to become more active. Sports care programs are unique. We start by performing an in-depth evaluation of an individual’s health status and athletic ability. The performance-based training program we create is a truly personalized performance plan.

Based on our assessment of the athlete’s health and athletic ability, our training staff will develop a performance-based training program that will ultimately increase performance and help individuals achieve greater athletic outcomes. Every athlete is screened, tested and counseled prior to beginning the customized training program. Sports care program integrates fitness, lifestyle and behavior management with medical practices. Call us at 412-494-4550 or book an appointment online to schedule an appointment!

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