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Are you one of the 1 in 5 Americans who suffer from chronic allergies? If you are, then you know how debilitating allergies can be and how dramatically they can affect your quality of life. Over-the-counter and prescription medication costs are seemingly ever-rising, can have troublesome side effects, and have to be taken continuously just to provide temporary relief. Worse yet, all these over-the-counter and medications can attempt to do is simply mask the symptoms of your allergies. Only immunotherapy can potentially treat the root cause of the underlying problem and strive to provide a long-term solution to your chronic allergies.

At Allegheny Medical, our experts are well versed in listening to you and helping you to discover the underlying issues that are preventing you from fully realizing a healthy, happy life. Call us at 412-494-4550 or book an appointment online to schedule an appointment!


Why Choose Allegheny Medical?

  • Pre-Verification of Benefits
  • Testing on-site with medical staff
  • Documentation for charts
  • CPT & ICD-9 Coding Assistance
  • Training and/or injections by our medical staff
  • Local service with World-Class Antigens
  • Immunotherapy protocol compounded for highest standard of care
  • Consistent and conscientious follow-up from our medical staff
  • Weekly communication with your account manager
  • Intimate knowledge of all Insurance plan benefits in every state


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