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Trick-Or-Treating in the COVID-19 Era

Sharing recommendations from the CDC for a safe and festive Halloween!

Ways to ensure trick-or-treating is safe (and worry free) for all involved:

  • avoid direct contact with trick-or-treaters

  • give out treats outdoors, if possible.

  • set up a station with individually bagged treats for kids to take

  • wash hands before handing treats

  • wear a mask

Other Family Friendly Halloween Festivities:

  • Carve and decorate pumpkins with your family or outside with friends or neighbors

  • Take a stroll around the neighborhood admiring Halloween decorations and displays

  • Visit a pumpkin patch or corn maze in the area

  • Hide Halloween treats in and around your house, and send the kids on a hunt!

  • Organize an outdoor costume parade or contest in the neighborhood

  • Host an outdoor Halloween movie night with friends and neighbors, complete with popcorn and other Halloween treats!

Remember to stay at least 6 feet away from others who do not live with you, wash your hands frequently, if possible, and bring hand sanitizer with you- using it after touching objects or other people.

Most importantly, enjoy the special time with family and friends while remembering these simple tips for a safe Halloween celebration!


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