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Physical Therapy FAQs

How long does Physical Therapy last?

Depending on the condition physical therapy can last just a few weeks to multiple months, with sessions ranging from once a week to three times a week. Some physicians will specify on your prescription a frequency and duration and it is important to follow those recommendations, an additional prescription for continued therapy can be obtained, if needed. Within the first few visits, you should notice reduced pain and some functional improvement; however, increases in strength and range of motion may take longer, and may require a longer treatment plan as well as at-home exercises.

What does a typical session consist of?

Your first visit will include an initial evaluation with our doctor of physical therapy, who will assess your condition and develop a treatment plan to best fit your personal needs and relieve symptoms. Your treatment sessions will typically include customized exercises, hands on treatment, and when appropriate, modalities such as electrical stimulation and thermal applications. Sessions usually last 45-60 minutes, but can last upwards of 90 minutes dependent on use of modalities and personal needs.

What modalities are offered?

We offer a wide variety of modalities that will be utilized by your provider to benefit you to the highest degree, these modalities include electrical stimulation, moist hot packs, Game Ready cold and compression therapy, and Ultrasound.

Is there hands-on treatments?

Our staff is trained and skilled in providing manual therapies to all appropriate treatments, which can include: stretching and joint mobilization, massage, cupping therapy, instrument-assisted massage, and kinesiology taping. 

Does my condition require treatment?

Call us to schedule a free phone consultation where our physical therapist will discuss any concerns with you and help determine your need for treatment and whether you would benefit from an evaluation within the clinic.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that allows you to move freely. You do not want tight or heavy materials restricting your range of motion and also want to allow your therapist access to the area of concern to assess and treat.

Do I need therapy before and after surgery?

It is important to complete physical therapy both before AND after surgery. Before surgery, we will strengthen muscle groups to improve outcomes after surgery and decrease recovery time. After surgery, our staff will help you regain strength, range of motion, and restore your normal function so that you can resume your regular physical activities.

Can I just do my exercises at home?

Our physical therapy staff is skilled to create, modify, and progress activities that best fit your needs and also provide education, while avoiding any increase in pain or further injury that occur at home without direction. 

What happens after I finish my program?

Along with giving you a tailored home exercise program and follow-up information, we offer a Wellness Program that allows you to continue to use our facility up to 3 times per week with guidance, as well as a variety of other services if needed.

Why choose Allegheny Medical?

At Allegheny Medical, we offer holistic wellness and preventative care, as well as individualized care. We look at you as a whole and operate with a “whole body approach.” Our practice was nominated and voted as Pittsburgh’s Best of Physical Therapy two years in a row. We employ licensed doctors of physical therapy with DIRECT ACCESS, so there is no referral needed for patients to obtain care.

Because people of all ages need to move and function, our physical therapist team works with patients and clients at any age - including adolescent to elderly. Call us at 412-494-4550 or book an appointment online! 

Our physical therapists are licensed for DIRECT ACCESS, meaning you do not need a referral or physician prescription to get treatment on our facility!

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