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Priority Access Program FAQs

Why join Priority Access?

Carrie Burkley, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner has over 24 years of clinical experience, and for the last 5 years at Allegheny Medical, patients from all over the tristate area with difficult health care needs have reached out to her for comprehensive care. The traditional insurance-based health care model only supports 15 to 25-minute appointments, limited follow-up, and less personalized care. To truly provide the kind of care every patient deserves, we designed and now offer our Priority Access Program, exclusively for her patients.


Carrie's unique approach to care, focuses on a functional medicine based approach, rather than just treating symptoms, and looks for the root cause of your afflictions for a whole-body treatment. That way, we ensure healing rather than simply managing symptoms. 

What is included in the Priority Access Program?

If you choose to join our exclusive Priority Access Program, you will have VIP access to: priority appointments, comprehensive reviews, ongoing evaluations, your provider/liaison's email address for direct communication, first access to new programs, a priority patient portal, same day urgent care medical appointments with an available provider in our office, and access to our personal wellness liaison. 

What are my out of pocket costs?

While we do bill insurance for the medical services performed within the office, there is a monthly fee of $100.00 for the Priority Access Program (a yearly total of $1,200.00- if paid in full at the time of registration, a 15% discount will be provided) We also offer household-family discounts and payment plans, for your convenience.


In addition to the access program fee, there is an additional fee of $200.00 per visit to our office for hormone replacement therapies involving hormone cream.


At this time, we are significantly below the average price of hormone therapies within our area, and plan to keep it this way, as we strive to provide outstanding personalized care. 

If I do not join Priority Access, can I still see Carrie?

You are able to continue to see Carrie once per year during our allocated availability for insurance-based visits. Keep in mind, given this limited availability, these appointments do fill up quickly. Those who do not participate in our program and are in need of more regular care will be referred in house to Gregory Shank, CRNP for medical, insurance-based care or out to an endocrinologist for hormone therapy needs.

"I opted to join the VIP Priority Access Program so that if there’s ever a question I have in between appointments, all I have to do is contact Meghan F. and she responds within minutes. I don’t have to wait and wonder- and she is able to schedule appointments and request pharmacy refills that way, as well, which saves me a lot of time as a mother of two."
- Rochelle C.

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