chiropractic.jpeg (image_btd08s2.webp)Although chiropractic therapy puts a particular emphasis on the spine, studies have shown that its therapeutic benefits extend beyond back pain. By manipulating the body's alignment, a chiropractor can relieve pain and promote healing from head to toe. Here are five ways that a visit to a chiropractor can help you even if your back is pain-free:


  1. Promotes Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy affects many different areas of the body, including the spine. Due to increased weight in the torso, pressure increases on the spine and can lead to instability or sciatic nerve pain. Regular visits to the chiropractor can relieve prenatal discomfort, leading to a healthier pregnancy, and even an easier delivery.


  1. Provides Drug-Free Migraine Relief

The severe throbbing pain of migraine headaches often leads patients to their primary care provider for prescription medicine. However, patients may not have to resort to medication for migraine relief. Chiropractic therapy, especially when coupled with exercise, physical therapy, and diet changes, can actually reduce the number of migraine attacks without drugs or their associated side effects. 


  1. Ease Frozen Shoulder 

Frozen shoulder is pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint that develops slowly and gets worse over time. The Journal of Chiropractic Medicine reported a trial that showed 49 out of 50 patients with frozen shoulder experienced a total recovery or significant improvement after repeated chiropractic treatment. 


  1. Improves Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a disorder that causes musculoskeletal pain in the joints, muscles, and soft tissues throughout the whole body. The moderate pressure used in chiropractic treatment can help improve pain, fatigue and sleep quality in people who are struggling to manage their symptoms. One study showed that patients who practiced resistance training in addition to chiropractic treatment twice every week experienced better flexibility, balance, coordination, and endurance.


  1. Avoid The Need For Back Surgery

Chiropractors aim to get to the source of pain, rather than just treating pain symptoms. Back pain is often caused by repeating an action (that we may or may not be aware of), which misaligns the vertebrae. By realigning vertebrae, increasing blood flow to the affected area, and practicing safe yet effective back-strengthening exercises, patients can find relief from back pain without going under the knife. 

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